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Awesome Dog Names – Ideas for your next pooch.

My little dog
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If you just got a new best friend and are looking for awesome dog names for your new pooch, I hope to give you some great ideas.  I also hope to get some great ideas from you.  If you have some awesome dog names please leave them in a comment.

So how do you pick a name?  Should you be gender specific?  Should it fit the breed?  Well I can tell you the dog really isn’t going to care. It should be something that you like and will be happy saying hundreds of times a week.
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Redneck Dog Names

This is not every “redneck dog name”,but:

According to Jeff Foxworthy,

“You might be a redneck if your dogs name is Miller Light”. redneckdog1Or your dog has one of these redneck dog names. Nothing wrong with that though. But, you might want to be careful if you use a couple of these. Depending on where you live, you might call the dog and have a neighbor kid show up. Continue reading

Puppy Names for Boys

puppy names for boysWhen picking puppy name for boys there are lots of choices. Maybe your new dog is very masculine and deserves a name suitable for a king. He might have a quirky look or personality. There are thousands of puppy names for boys for your new family member. It is hard to decide. Here is a list of some of the more popular traditional and cute male dog names. Of course there are always redneck and funny dog names to choose from. Continue reading

Puppy Names for Girls

Puppy Names for Girls

Puppy Names for Girls A list of puppy names for girls. Some cute female dog names and some unique puppy names for female dogs. Over 340 girl names for dogs. Puppy names for girls can be a long list. This is a list of the most popular dog names for girls.

Thanks to the Twilight series, Bella is the number one most popular on the list of puppy names for girls. Molly, Lucy, Daisy and Sophie are right behind. Continue reading