Redneck Dog Names

This is not every “redneck dog name”,but:

According to Jeff Foxworthy,

“You might be a redneck if your dogs name is Miller Light”. redneckdog1Or your dog has one of these redneck dog names. Nothing wrong with that though. But, you might want to be careful if you use a couple of these. Depending on where you live, you might call the dog and have a neighbor kid show up.

I’m sure there are more redneck dog names out there.  If you have one you like, please leave it in a comment below.

 Redneck Dog Names

Achoo Camper Gator Monster Sasparilla
Advil Casket Gittem Moonshine Savage
Ammo Chewy Goober Nightmare Schitzo
Annie Chomper Grits Noogie Shadow
Airhead Cooter Grits Nugget Shootem
Attack Copper Grizzly Otis Shredder
Bandaid Crackhead Hacker Outlaw Sickem
Beast Crapper Hammer Ozzie Skeeter
BettyLou Cruncher Harley Panic Slobber
Bigfoot Crusher Hillbilly Paxil Smasher
BillyBob Daisy Hippie Paycheck Stalker
Blizzard Dawg Hobo Pecker Stinky
BobbiJo Digger Homer PeggySue Tackle
Bocephus Dobber Hooch Perp Tagalong
Bogeyman Doodle Hummer Pickemup Tater
Bones Doogle Hyde Plunger Tattoo
Booger Doozy Itchy Poison Thief
Boozer Downer Jackpot Pokey Toad
Bouncer Dumpster Jaws Possum Tooter
Brew Eggo Juice Psycho Trapper
Buckshot Eightball Junkie Rage Trigger
Buddy EllieMay Kibbles Raid Turd
BudLight EmmyLou Klepto Raylene Twinkie
Budweiser Fang Kritter Razor Twister
Bugger Fire Lazy Bum Redneck Whacko
Bumper Flea Lulu Remington Whimpy
Burrito Fleabag Lunatic Ripper Whoopass
Butch Flush Maggie Roach Woof
Butcher Freeway Maniac Roadkill Zilch
Buzz Frisky Misery Roscoe



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